Spam costs money. Unfortunately, you are paying for it.

As a company, profit is based on the efficiency by which results are achieved. When your employees waste time every day sorting through their email, separating the junk email from legitimate business email, efficiency is compromised. When your servers and networks are processing and delivering junk email, efficiency is compromised. As efficiency decreases, so does your profit. Let us help you run a more profitable company.

 Why FilterMy.Biz?

Powerful: Enterprise grade anti spam and anti virus filters remove over 96% of junk email before it even hits your network!
Convenient: Setup takes only a few minutes and is hands off from there. No maintenance, no staff, no headaches. Nothing to download, no software to install.
Efficient: A small monthly fee, based on the number of users you have, will protect your entire organization from wasted time and network failure due to viruses.
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