Anti Spam:

Spam, junk email, bulk email, UCE are all basically the same thing; and it costs you money. The greatest expense by far is the time that your employees waste downloading, viewing and deleting it. Time that you are paying for. We can stop this drain on your company's resources quickly and efficiently. Our spam filters are constantly being updated to ensure that we are being effectively as possible without stopping the flow of any legitimate email.


The setup in order to use our system has been designed to be very quick and requires almost no involvement from your end. All that is required is that you modify the MX record in your DNS to send your email directly to our servers. We then filter the mail and forward it back to you for processing, or, if you prefer, we can also store your email on our server, whichever will work best with your needs.

How it works:

Your email is forwarded to our network where our system analyzes all email that enters and runs it through approximately 750 different rules and tests. A score is determined and the email is either deleted or passes through, based on its score. This system is proving to be very effective and you will notice a significant, immediate reduction of junk email.

Pattern Matching Pattern matching is a method of describing a message in terms of its content. The Spam Filter examines layout and organization, to identify the common characteristics of spam. Regular expressions provide the efficiency and speed required for real-time matches, and make it easy to add custom patterns.

An advanced pattern matching engine simultaneously applies thousands of algorithms during a single pass. The results determine a probability rating, and assign the appropriate action. Patterns are updated regularly to identify new tactics.
Spam DefinitionsSpam definitions are patterns used to identify specific instances of spam. They detect multiple instances of material considered sufficiently similar to be the same message; for example, hoaxes and chain letters that may otherwise be difficult to detect. Spam definitions are updated regularly.
Real Time Black Lists The Real Time Blackhole List (RBL), DSBL and DNSBL are compilations of networks that either allow spammers to use their systems to send spam, or have not taken action to prevent spammers from abusing their systems.
Heuristic AnalysisHeuristic analysis uses a series of internal tests to determine the likelihood that a message is spam. Each test is weighted with a point value to reduce false positives. The total probability of spam is examined to determine an overall score, and a mapping function assigns the appropriate action. Actions include: rejecting, redirecting, logging, or annotating offending messages.
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